Welcome to our PVFT website. It is the hope of the PVFT Executive Committee that this interactive website will be another way in which we can disseminate information to our members. By accessing and using this Website you will have the pertinent information you need, whenever you need it.

The goal of the PVFT is to work in conjunction with the parents, administration and the Board Of Education to create a school district where our children excel and are able to enter the real world with the skills necessary to be productive members of society.

Mission Statement:
The PVFT recognizes the importance of a positive relationship with all members of our school community. We continue to work tirelessly with students, parents, and administrators to provide a quality education. It is the belief of the PVFT that every member of the community benefits greatly from a school that is held is the highest regard for the education it can provide its students. The PVFT is also proud of what we have been able to accomplish with regard to serving our members.